Understanding Your Skin Type Can Improve Your Health

Understanding what skin type you have can have far reaching implications for almost every aspect of your life. Some readers may feel that they have a good understanding of what skin type they have, however you may be surprised to learn what you thought you knew is wrong. Understanding what your skin type is will lead you to buy better products for your skin, improve the look and appearance and feel better about yourself.

There are so many varied sources where women get their information from and these can act as conflicting sources of information. Make up and department store sales people may not be giving you the right advice, magazines and television leads to self diagnosis and women end up selecting products that are wrong for their face and body.

skin type sensitiveThe typical categories are considered oily skin, dry skin and combination skin types. These are fairly limiting in their descriptive nature. For example you can have skin type oily and blemish prone or sensitive and dry. There are also variety of factors that can change your skin type. If you have acne or eczema then this is a change. Hormones are another variable which change your skin type. Higher stress levels result in changes too. The end point is that you are not one fixed skin type and different products are going to be your friend at different times of the month or year.

Understanding What Influences Your Skin Type

Although you can’t control all of these factors, it helps to build a picture of what makes your skin the way it is.

  • Hormones, genetic predisposition and skin disorders are factors that are naturally factors that are going to be harder to control.
  • Smoking, medication, your diet, medication, skin care routines, sun exposure and stress are all variables that we can manage and these can negatively impact on our skin.

Ingredients that can make skin worse

We all know that eating oily foods makes our skin oily, however there are certain products out there that are causing us layers of problems that you need to be aware of.

  • Let’s say you have ‘oily skin’ but you use a product with irritants that cause dry skin, this leads to oily underneath and dry on the top.
  • Clogging your pores with thick products can stop skin cells from exfoliating, which has flow on effects like leaving your skin looking dull.

Check the products you use to ensure that the ingredients aren’t potentially harmful to you. Alcohol, menthol, waxes, irritants, abrasive scrubbing agents and oil based fragrances could adversely affect you.

Determining Your Skin Type

There are a few ways you can test your skin type, some are more complicated than others. But this video will give you the easiest guide to follow in just 2 minutes.


Understanding Your Skin Type Can Improve Your Health

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