How Dental Problems Can Lead to Skincare Problems

Your Oral Health Can Be Linked to Serious Health Problems

It should be your business to know that your oral health can be an indication of a more serious health problem. Studies have found that your oral health is linked to your overall health, and having a certain oral condition can affect your health, or your body’s way of telling you of another health problem.

Periodontitis and Heart Disease

Periodontitis, which is an inflammation of the tissue around the teeth, is usually linked to heart disease. According to, approximately 91 % of patients suffering from heart disease also have periodontitis, in contrast with 66 % of patients not suffering from heart disease. Smoking, obesity, and unhealthy diet are the risk factors of periodontitis and heart disease.

It has been hypothesized that periodontitis can raise the risk for heart disease, as inflammation in the mouth can lead to inflammation in the blood vessels, which then can cause a heart attack. It can happen because inflamed blood vessels limit the flow of blood from the heart to the rest of the body.


The link between osteoporosis and gum disease is not yet well established, but there are studies that show that women with osteoporosis also have gum disease, compared to those who do not have the bone disease. It is also worth noting that osteoporosis is a disease more prevalent in women as periodontitis is in men. Osteoporosis and periodontitis both cause bone loss but not in the same areas. Osteoporosis attacks the long bones in the arm and leg area, while gum disease affects the jawbone.

Oral Care and Skin Health

Your oral care can also affect your skin health. The toothpaste may seem like a harmless product but it can be the cause of a common skin problem. Mouth ulcers are a painful problem for small percentage of people unlucky enough to suffer these skin sores. Usually striking during periods of stress or times when our immune system is low, ulcers can also be worsened through various products. Toothpaste, or more specifically SLS or SLES, sodium lauryl ether sulfate is what foams up toothpastes and shampoos. If you suffer regularly from mouth ulcers, try using SLS free toothpastes to see if they heal faster or reduces the frequency and severity of ulcers. Always remember to head to your dental clinic for a consultation if you have any lingering doubts.

Periodontitis During Pregnancy

There is also a research focused on the correlation between gum disease of mothers and premature or low birth weight deliveries, according to Hormonal changes in prenatal period can trigger periodontitis, and the condition can interrupt the development of fetus in the womb. While periodontitis is more prevalent in men than in women, it is a serious risk to pregnant women, and that it is why women carrying a child should have a thorough periodontal exam.

Perioral Dermatitis

Based on the study made by the American Academy of Dermatologyperioral dermatitis is a skin problem that is most prevalent in young women with age ranging from 20 to 45 years old. However the skin problem also occasionally affects men and children. Indications of perioral dermatitis include redness of the skin, small red bumps (possibly with pus) on the area around the mouth. While the bumps could just be acne, it could be a reason to consult a dermatologist. A patient with perioral dermatitis may feel a mild itchiness or a burning sensation when afflicted with the skin problem.

Symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis

According to Australasian Journal of Dermatology, most dermatologists are in agreement that perioral dermatitis is a common occurrence and is increasing in incidence. There is still uncertainty as to what causes perioral dermatitis but it could be a result of overusing fluoridated toothpaste, topical cortisone cream, or occlusive skin care creams, ointments, and foundations. If you are afflicted with perioral dermatitis and are exposed to sunlight, heat, and wind, the skin problem may worsen.

Treatment of Perioral Dermatitis

If there are indications that you have perioral dermatitis, stop using the skin care products. Doing so could exacerbate the condition at first, but the skin condition can improve after a few weeks. As fluoridated toothpaste can be the cause of the problem, you should switch to fluoride-free toothpaste. It is important to consult a dentist about the effect of using fluoride-free toothpaste on your dental health.

If the symptoms are still present in spite of experimenting with these remedies, it is time to consult a dermatologist. However there are no medications or cosmetics that can cure the skin condition. It is possible that a dermatologist would prescribe topical metronidazole. The topical cream or gel could be prescribed along with erythromycin or tetracycline. The dermatologist may prescribe a low-potency cortisone cream to reduce the redness of the skin and to replace the harsher cortisone cream you may have been using.

Senzimi Video Testimonial from the Archives

Senzimi is more about healthy skincare advice than product promotion these days, however it’s good to look back on one of the testimonials from the archives. Just to show we know what we’re talking about

Healthy Insides – Colon Cleansing Trends Europe vs USA

There are few worldwide health trends where opinions can vary so greatly as there are with colon cleansing. It’s a trend which clearly has people polarized around the world and it’s easy to understand why. It is however, interesting to observe that although the practice of colon cleansing, or enemas, isn’t mainstream in the US it is much more common in Western Europe. Does that mean that one country has it wrong and is there any evidence that it really works anyway?

Two European countries that really stand out for their acceptance and regular practice of cleansing are Italy and France. Both of these countries have some of the lowest obesity levels in Europe and have long been considered as healthy, skinny and clean living nations. So is it possible that there’s a link between colon cleansing and these trends?

Does Colon Cleansing Really Keep Italians Healthier?

Italians are the envy of many countries around the world, they have great culture, lifestyle and of course food. But it’s the latter that many would think is the downfall of a country like this.

Cleansing practices in Italy:

Interestingly in Italy it’s fairly common for adults to regularly cleanse their insides, or as they say there pulizia intestinale (cleaning the intestines). It’s believed that Italians are more open to non-conventional health techniques and this makes them one of the world’s leading markets for colonic irrigation and enema related products.

The Mediterranean Diet:

The Mediterranean diet has long been a source of the nations health. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and olive oil are seen as essential reasons why Italians have an edge in the health stakes. Their traditional diet is by default lower in salt and they consume lower levels of red mean than many countries in the world.

Portion Control & Moderation:

National dishes like pizza and pasta are hardly slimming, yet Italians have one of the lowest levels obesity levels in the region and have long been considered one some of the slimmest people in Europe. But it’s all about moderation. These may be national dishes but the secret is that people eat them irregularly and in smaller portions.

French Habits Towards Colon Cleansing

Much like Italians, the French have a reputation for being passionate about their food. France is famous for it’s culture, flair, diversity and above all it’s cuisine. So how do the French remain the envy of the world with their slim and stylish figures?

Attitude to Enemas – C’est la vie?

Maybe not quite, though it is a widely practiced health trend in the land of Baguettes.  In the 17th century French King Louis XIV helped to establish the practice in France and it’s stuck since. In France they call it le nettoyage du colon (colon cleansing) and the practice is popular via self administered methods at home and professionally.

Passion for Food:

The French nation’s passion for food is evident everywhere you go, and this is one of the main reasons why the country stays so healthy. People are passionate about good food, quality ingredients and cooking well. Fast and nasty takeaways have traditionally had less of a place in France vs the rest of the world and people there enjoy the process of cooking.


Although the French have a world of delicious food at their doorstep, over indulgence is not a common trait. Drinking and eating and the all good things in moderation approach is alive an well in France.

The United States Stance on Cleansing

The states on the other hand have a more skeptical view on the topic and this is supported by a lot of negative articles that throw doubt onto the practice. Its easy to stand by that approach too. After all there aren’t lines of doctors wanting to back the health benefits of intestinal cleansing, many actually argue it’s unnecessary and potentially damaging too.

Health Trends in the States:

When comparing Western European countries to the US, portion size is the key factor that needs to brought into the spotlight. An average restaurant dinner serving in the US can be between 1.5 – 2 times larger than in Italy. Sodas and potato crisp sizes are all much larger in the states and this is clearly one of the main differentiating factors at play when making health comparisons between nations.

So What’s the Conclusion – Are French & Italians Healthy Because of Intestinal cleansing?

So we’ve looked at some countries where it’s popular to understand whether it’s working or not. Some would argue that it is, others could say it’s a weak link. The causal link between countries where colon cleansing is popular and lower obesity rates and lower rates of colon cancer are non evident. It would be remiss to suggest that this is a cause for lower figures as there are hundreds of other variables in the mix. What it does tell us is that countries like Italy and France are societies that are more open to alternative treatments (enemas and cleansing pills without being medically substantiated definitely fall into that category).

So is there an answer on legitimacy? No. However you can see that what works for some people doesn’t always work for others. History and habits go a long way towards influencing our thoughts and opinions on matters like this. The seeds were sewn in the 17th century for the French, whereas in other countries it’s still very much an alternative treatment.

I am not someone that will stick my neck out and recommend the practice, but I won’t rule out the benefits either. If it’s something that people think improves their health and well-being, then it probably will.

Understanding Your Skin Type Can Improve Your Health

Understanding what skin type you have can have far reaching implications for almost every aspect of your life. Some readers may feel that they have a good understanding of what skin type they have, however you may be surprised to learn what you thought you knew is wrong. Understanding what your skin type is will lead you to buy better products for your skin, improve the look and appearance and feel better about yourself.

There are so many varied sources where women get their information from and these can act as conflicting sources of information. Make up and department store sales people may not be giving you the right advice, magazines and television leads to self diagnosis and women end up selecting products that are wrong for their face and body.

The typical categories are considered oily skin, dry skin and combination skin types. These are fairly limiting in their descriptive nature. For example you can have skin type oily and blemish prone or sensitive and dry. There are also variety of factors that can change your skin type. If you have acne or eczema then this is a change. Hormones are another variable which change your skin type. Higher stress levels result in changes too. The end point is that you are not one fixed skin type and different products are going to be your friend at different times of the month or year.

Understanding What Influences Your Skin Type

Although you can’t control all of these factors, it helps to build a picture of what makes your skin the way it is.

  • Hormones, genetic predisposition and skin disorders are factors that are naturally factors that are going to be harder to control.
  • Smoking, medication, your diet, medication, skin care routines, sun exposure and stress are all variables that we can manage and these can negatively impact on our skin.

Ingredients that can make skin worse

We all know that eating oily foods makes our skin oily, however there are certain products out there that are causing us layers of problems that you need to be aware of.

  • Let’s say you have ‘oily skin’ but you use a product with irritants that cause dry skin, this leads to oily underneath and dry on the top.
  • Clogging your pores with thick products can stop skin cells from exfoliating, which has flow on effects like leaving your skin looking dull.

Check the products you use to ensure that the ingredients aren’t potentially harmful to you. Alcohol, menthol, waxes, irritants, abrasive scrubbing agents and oil based fragrances could adversely affect you.

Determining Your Skin Type

There are a few ways you can test your skin type, some are more complicated than others. But this video will give you the easiest guide to follow in just 2 minutes.

Lose Weight, Live Healthy, Be Happy

There are many people in the world who suffer of weight problems, one of them being the obesity. This is an unfortunate event, and some people don’t really know how to deal with it. If it’s not dealt with, it can lead to other health problems, and some of them can also threaten your life.

Living healthy means that you have to have a normal weight, and this can be controlled too, but you have to want to make the adequate changes. If you’ve got a weight problem, then it’s time to deal with it as soon as you can, as losing weight can definitely help you avoid other serious health problems. Apart from this, it will also make you feel good about your body, improving your mood and the way you interact with others.

Depression and other problems appear when people feel that they can’t interact with others, when they can’t find their place in the world and when they feel that they’re not accepted by society. Rejection is hard to deal with, even if some people just imagine it. It’s not always the case, but losing weight it’s an important step towards feeling better about yourself.

Here’s how you can do it.

Start a Good Diet

Losing weight can be done with the help of the food. It’s unbelievable, yes, but it’s true. Usually, people are not careful about what they eat or when they eat, and this leads to obesity or other weight problems.

When you start a diet, don’t think of it as a diet, but think of it as an exercise for a better life. There are plenty of healthy diets that you can use, but if you want something customized, look for a nutritionist, as he or she is the only one who can tell you exactly what you can eat to achieve your goals. However, there are also diets that don’t forbid you to eat something in particular, so if you know you like food, choose one that can satisfy your needs.

Quit the Bad Habits

If you know you have some bad habits, like eating at night or between meals, smoking and drinking alcohol, favoring fast food or junk food, then it’s time to stop all of this. A bad habit will definitely improve your rate of success when you try to lose weight. This is because usually all this represents a mix of foods that only makes you get more and more weight – nothing works for your benefit, and you can end up with obesity or other problems.

Think Positive

Some people will find it hard to lose weight, even if they really want it. Because of this, you need to have a positive attitude towards this experience. It is indeed an experience and it will challenge your will and your ability to make healthy choices. When you start on this road, you need to challenge yourself every day and go over your known limits. You can include here your ability to refuse junk food, your ability to make exercises and everything else that you think that you can’t succeed.

Be Motivated

If your health is not a motivation enough, then think about how good will you feel if you’ve got less weight. Usually, people who gain too much weight have other hidden problems, and one of them can be the depression. This will limit your social life more than you think, but it will also limit the choices that you can make for improving your life.

Don’t hesitate and start doing something for yourself. Losing weight is just the first step that you can make for living healthier, feeling better and being happier!

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